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Idaho photo tour brochure

The following photo gallery contains a sample range of subjects you can expect to capture during this particular Travel Images photo tour . . . a range that we believe exceeds similar photo tours when one compares the variety of subjects and locations.

Our objective for our family of clients is that they're presented with the opportunity to capture all of the images below, and much more. The goals also include . . . 1: To consider creative camera techniques. 2: Mastering pertinent camera settings. 3: Being open to ‘seeing’ an eclectic range of new subjects. 4: Achieving their personal photographic goals, and 5: to generally have a wonderful time. To this end John will share everything he has learnt in a practical and friendly manner, while also keeping things light and fun for the entire group.

PS: Our galleries are 'selfie-free' zones, and no clicking is required . . . just scroll or use the page down key [PGDN] . . .

All images were created by photographer and tour leader John Baker during Travel Images photo tours, and our sincere wish is that you obtain similar shots and more during our trips!




Solar eclipse: Our group will be near this spot
on August the 21st, 2017, for the total eclipse.

Idaho photo tours

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