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Guided small-group landscape, nature, macro and wildlife photography tours with Idaho-based British photographer John Baker

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Photo tours with Travel Images: Introduction


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Since 1988 Travel Images Photography Tours has been synonymous with photo travel, travel photography, photo field trips and guided photography tours, plus nature, landscape, wildlife and macro photography . . . and by many additional photo related 'labels' that apply to what we do.
If you prefer smaller groups of 2 to 10, would like to receive photography assistance while you're shooting rather than sit in a room while the light outside is best - and also return home a better photographer - we hope you'll consider a photography tour with Travel Images. John Baker is a British Photographer based in Idaho . . . continued here

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Travel Images' photo workshop and tour newsletter





Travel Images' photo workshop and tour newsletter





Travel Images' photo workshop and tour newsletter





Travel Images' photo workshop and tour newsletter




Travel Images' photo workshop and tour newsletter


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Photo galleries: Images from Travel Images photo tours
    Images captured during Travel Images' photography tours
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  New Zealand
  Tasmania, Australia
  Canadian Rockies
  Nova Scotia, Canada
  Polar Bears of Manitoba
  Alsace, France
  Burgundy, France
  Cinque Terre, Italy
  European Alps
  London, England
  Normandy/Brittany/Loire, Fra.
  Provence, France
  Provence, France, spring
  Tuscany, Italy
  Venice, Italy
South America
  Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
  Machu Picchu, Peru
United States
  Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta
  Bryce and Zion
  California: H'way 395 Corridor
  California: Central Coast
  California: Coast + high Sierra
  California: Mendocino Coast
  Colorado Rockies
  Florida wildlife
  Hawai'i: The Big Island
  Pacific Northwest
  Red Rock Country
  Red Rock Country winter
  Skagit Valley Tulip Festival
  Utah east, Colorado west
  Yellowstone-Tetons autumn
  Yellowstone-Tetons winter
Additional galleries
  Before and After
  It's You! Images of our Clients
  'Pictures of the Whenever'
  Still Life On The Run

  A selection of images featuring our clients participating in our photography tours can be viewed here

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A sample client review
"Rich and I just wanted to thank you for the disc of images. It brought back wonderful memories of a fabulous trip with a most entertaining and enjoyable group of people. We want to thank you also for scouting out all those fantastic locations in Vermont and for recommending possible shots. We cross paths with a lot of professional photographers but few have the amazing eye you do! Every composition you suggest is spot-on! We truly look forward to another journey with you in the near future."
  Nancy and Richard Hassman, Hoffman Estates, IL:  Vermont 2013
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Where would you like to go?
    Travel Images guides the following photography tours to . . .

  England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, London in the British Isles
  Normandy, Brittany, Loire, Burgundy, Provence, Paris in France
  Cinque Terre, Venice, and Tuscany in Italy
  the European Alp regions of Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland
  the Galapagos Islands and Cloud Forest in Ecuador
  Machu Picchu in Peru
  the Patagonian regions of Argentina and Chile
  Polar Bears, Nova Scotia and the Canadian Rockies in Canada
  Tasmania and Sydney in Australia
  South Island, New Zealand
  America's best photography locations in the United States of
Florida, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Washington, Oregon,
New Mexico, Colorado, California and Vermont.

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Clients on photo tours
     Travel Images,
     P. O. Box 2434,
     Eagle, Idaho 83616
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Bryce and Zion photography tours

Tasmania, Australia photography tour

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Photography tour of Hawaii, Hawai'i

Photography tour of Florida's wildlife

Yellowstone and Tetons winter photography tour

Patagonian photography tour

Photo tour of England

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Travel Images' photo workshop and tour newsletter

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Travel Images photo workshop and photo tour introduction

Introduction to Travel Images photography tours continued . . .

Since 1988 Travel Images Photography Tours has been synonymous with photo travel, travel photography, photo field trips and guided photography tours, plus nature, landscape, wildlife and macro photography . . . and by many additional photo related 'labels' that apply to what we do.
If you prefer smaller groups of 2 to 10, would like to receive photography assistance while you're shooting rather than sit in a room while the light outside is best - and also return home a better photographer - we hope you'll consider a photography tour with Travel Images. John Baker is a British Photographer based in Idaho, and Photographer/Leader of Travel Images specializing in small-group photo tours.

Photography Tour and Workshop calendar

It's about the light . . . and you
Our goal is to place clients in enriching photographic situations whereby the 'classroom' is the location, and to get you there at the right time and light for highest quality photographs of the world's best landscapes, natural history subjects, and accessible wildlife. If you don't return home a better photographer then we will have failed . . . and we're not about to let that happen!
Along the way participants enjoy cultural experiences, are taught to 'see' new photo subjects and experiment with less common techniques, plus each is given photography instruction in a very practical and relaxing manner. This includes help in getting the most out of your camera settings, and how they apply to each photographic situation.

What is included?
Personalized photography instruction throughout the trip by John; all accommodations; all breakfasts; lunch on day one of the trip; dinner on the last night of the trip; on-vehicle snacks and bottled water; all ground transportation; airport transfers unless you're arriving early or leaving late; entrance fees for sites and activities listed under ‘Admissions’ on the trip brochure page; then following the trip, field notes describing the time, place and subject of each photo stop, and a disc containing images of clients 'in action' on the trip.

Group sizes and customization
Except for our South American and Polar Bear photo tours, the group maximum is 7 or 8, and our photo-clients seem to like it that way as per the client reviews link, and below. We customize trips for individuals and Camera Club groups, and can adjust trip dates by a few days to accommodate special requests if asked early enough.

Details, details and the quality of light
To make your trip memorable it's important that we pay attention to detail when planning and running our photo tours. We give practical, personalized photography instruction throughout the trip, and get the group to the right places when the light is at its best, which is early and late of course.

Photo tour calendar
To peruse the scheduled photography tour list, go here.

You've got questions, and we've got answers . . . plenty of them
If you have questions regarding Travel Images you'll find answers either below under the link A Few Pointers , or on the Questions and Answers page.  There is a search option, or you can also use the links at the top and bottom of each page you visit to access the information you're looking for. You can also search the list of photo tours by date.
If you have a photography or photo travel question, you can e-mail us directly. Calling 1-208-559-8248 is another option.

John Baker and Travel Images Photography Tours
Lastly, the About John link will lead you to details regarding myself as I lead all the photo trips, and you'll probably want to know as much as possible about myself before signing up. You'll find my photographic work all over the site, embedded in the graphics, and on the photo gallery pages.

The remainder of this page contains overviews of particular aspects of our photo tours, but for more details please follow any of the links.

If after exploring some of your questions are still unanswered you can go here, or e-mail me, or call 1-208-559-8248. With the latter we may be traveling and might not be able to return your call right away. Email is however is the best way to get in touch for most of the year.

Warmest regards and thanks,

John Baker, Photographer/Leader



Clients taking pictures on Travel Images photography tours

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A few pointers about Travel Images' photography workshops

Small groups

Large groups and photographic opportunities just don’t mix very well, and since Travel Images' establishment in 1991, the group size has never gone beyond 10 participants which is the limit for the Galápagos Islands, Machu Picchu and Patagonia.

However, for all other locations our photography tours are for a maximum of 7 to 8 people, which is ideal for photography of course, as are smaller groups.

Small group advantages are many and include more hands-on attention, quick exit from the van, and minimal waiting for the optimum camera angle.

Customized photo tours

Can we help your photo travel dreams come true?

Would you like a personalized trip with a few friends or with your Camera Club or Photographic Society ?

Let us know where you want to go and we'll customize an itinerary along with a trip fee that won't cost more than a comparable scheduled Travel Images photo tour if there are at least 4 of you.

  More details here.

Photography tour calendar

Go to photo tour and workshop calendar for up to a two year schedule of photography tours.

Once there, follow the destination links for trip cost and more relevant details.

I also customize photo trips by request.

  Client review # 1

“Thanks again John and Laurie for a truly great trip, one of the best I've been on if not the best.

I really learned quite a bit this trip (e.g.; live view, importance of turning off auto focus, move to get side light . . . and some Photoshop tips to boot) and I think it shows up in my pictures.

Thanks also to our travel mates, each of you are super and you make a super group. I really enjoyed your company.

Thanks again all and hope to see ya'll in a future trip - I'm sure I'll be trying to sign on another with you John.”

Wayne Love
St. Petersburg, Florida

  More Client reviews
  Detailed client review


Need more answers?

. . . go to questions and answers where you’ll find comprehensive Travel Images information. Also take a look at the client reviews, about John links.

Then there is a newspaper article written about one of our Pacific Northwest trips in the Sunday News Journal, Wilmington, Delaware at 'What The Paper Said'.

Also see what Frommers had to say about Travel Images here.


  Client review # 2

"Excellent! I was relieved to find a warm and friendly guide!

At the same time, it is necessary for the guide to maintain control and not have 7 people trying to go off in 7 different directions to fulfill different preferences. Having a fairly detailed itinerary was useful in that sense because the guide could point out that people had come along to do that itinerary (within reason) and therefore he couldn't just throw things out if someone wanted to do something different.

He [John] was certainly very accommodating in trying to help people follow their preferences as long as it didn't interfere with the group's [photography] agenda. In evaluating the guide's interaction with group members, I was struck by his recognition [consciously or intuitively]  that people had different psychological or emotional needs and his willingness to try to meet them as well as the more obvious photographic or physical needs."

Judith Ewell
Williamsburg, VA

  More Client reviews
  Detailed client review

Pictures tell the story best

To see more images from Travel Images photo tours, you'll find them on the photo gallery pages, incorporated into the web-site graphics, and randomly scattered around the pages on this site.

There is also 'Picture of the Whenever' here.

I hope they give you a true insight into the type of  images you’ll capture should you decide to trust your photo travel to Travel Images.


Photography tour instruction

What can you expect to learn?
  At the start of every photography tour I present a digital slide show to give you ideas on how to approach many of the photography subjects you'll encounter. This can range from a flower to a castle, or from action to wildlife.
  Early in the trip I'll also open my laptop and give impromptu 'lessons' with images as examples. Typical subjects covered are exposure, perspective, composition, long exposures, deliberate blur and background distractions etcetera.
  Whenever we make a photo stop I make 'collective suggestions' to the group in regard to composition, lens, shutter speed, aperture and so on, then 'let you loose' to step out and make your own interpretations. I'll always be on hand should you need further inspiration or have a question.
  You’ll learn a lot more on one of our photography tours than in a ‘static’ classroom workshop situation because it is a hands-on experience that is repeated many times each day, and every day.  There is no better, or faster, way to learn, remember, and have specific techniques become second nature to you.
  If you don’t return home a better photographer then I will have failed, and is why I pull out all the stops to see to it that you improve . . . and have fun too.
  Subjects and techniques discussed and demonstrated are composition strength, shutter speeds, exposure compensation, how aperture choice influences depth of field, lens choice, filter use, long exposure effects, deliberate blur, macro and so on. Better than that, you will be learning in some of the best places to photograph our world has to offer.
  In the course of each day my groups enter into conversations in regard to equipment and/or photography techniques at meals or when traveling, and those are good times to ask some additional questions.
  Throughout each trip I go one-on-one with each client individually to make sure that all their needs are being met, and offer further help. You can also request assistance at any time, so please don't be shy.
  All assistance is given in a casual, friendly, practical, 'non-classroom' manner.
  I invite clients to bring along images for review be they one-on-one critiques with myself, or discussions involving other members of the group. A laptop is ideal for this, or I suggest you place your images on a disk or USB drive for review on my own laptop. These initial critiquing sessions should take place early during any given trip so that you can glean the most benefit.
  I also encourage you to 'see' an image when the opportunity presents itself, i.e. to be on the lookout for those less obvious shots that are no less stunning.
  Lastly, image critiques are conducted where it matters most, i.e. out there in the real world on location, never in a classroom environment. Camera LCD screens are ideal for this, and so is the use of a laptop for critiques and digital photo processing tips during free time or during meals. If you have PhotoShop questions, just ask and we'll create a session.

For the photographically adept
If you just want to be taken to the best spots at the right time to 'do your own thing' without being 'mothered' by me, that's not a problem either as I will never be far away. Basically though, I'll still offer up suggestions and be available whenever you need me.

If you haven't got it already, this is something I'd like all my clients to acquire
Literally 'seeing' an image in your minds-eye is the first step to a great image. So, when guiding, nurturing, encouraging and hopefully inspiring you, I start by making verbal suggestions which I hope will lead to your own ideas that manifest as great images.
After you've 'seen' the image, I'll guide you with the technical side so that you can accomplish all of your photographic goals. In a nutshell your skill level will improve no matter where it was when you started the trip.

'Try to see it my way' versus 'We can work it out' . . . with thanks to Lennon and McCartney!
You'll find that I photographically guide and teach in a very practical manner and won't ever insist that you do things my way.
  For each technique [camera setting] or photography situation, I'll let you know what your options are, but give you the freedom to make a final decision. For instance, the following topics pop up for discussion now and again, i.e. RAW v Jpeg, aperture/shutter control v manual control, spot metering v evaluative metering and so on.  Please know that there is no right or wrong way, as the goal is to find a method that is best suited to your abilities and situation. This is when I willingly share my opinion based upon personal experience, and suggest a solution based upon your own particular situation.
  In a nutshell, everyone on our photography tours is considered an equal, be they a beginner, intermediate or 'mature' photographically speaking, and regardless of whatever equipment they use.
  Finally, I absolutely love nothing more than passing on what I have learnt over the years and guiding clients to better images throughout each day.
John Baker

 Photo Insights    Photography Tips     Preparing for a photography tour


Travel Images:  It's about the quality of light on our photo tours

The light
Leading photo tours means striking the right balance in all situations, but one aspect needs no second thoughts, as getting out early and being out late for the best light is most important. Midday needn't be 'dead' photographically as one can concentrate on close-ups or take advantage of the light created by a changing weather pattern and so on.  In summary, we'll get you to the best locations at the right time of day.


Early starts
Early starts aren't 'compulsory' but we do encourage our clients to take advantage of some of the best light of the day. For most clients it's a one-time-visit situation, and the effort is invariably worthwhile.


Free time
Except on 'travel days' when we're on the move, we'll take an hour or more off at our hotel in an effort to stay fresh. On travel days when a break at the hotel isn't feasible, we sometimes make a stop in a photogenic location for around a half an hour which gives those in need of 'forty winks' a chance to re-charge their energy levels. Those not needing the break can take pictures.


It's all about the client on Travel Images photography tours

Our ultimate goal on each and every photo tour is to provide our clients with an array of 'quality subjects in quality light'. Helping everyone return home as a better photographer with many, many memorable images, is also a priority, as are a variety of enjoyable travel experiences along the way.

But, because not every photo stop is blessed with great light during a trip, we'll be right there and guide you in seeing and creating quality images from ‘average' lighting situations too. 

We stand firmly behind all of this because it really is 'All about you, your photography, the light, and doing all things the way they should be done' The latter means that we believe that the best way to do business is to do it right!

Warmest of regards,

John Baker, Photographer / Leader

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Travel Images' small-group photo tours with John Baker

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