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Request Specific Photo Tour Customization Such As The Photo Tour Dates et cetera



If you'd prefer a completely customized private tour
, see our 'By Request' page here

The procedure below applies to requests that . . .

Would like a scheduled tour date change
       One of our 'unscheduled destinations' be added to our photo tour calendar
       Asks for an itinerary change, or an addition to our scheduled locations

Email us!

In your email please include . . .

The destination you would like included
The year and month you prefer
The number of people you expect will join you
Any other relevant specifics you can think of

Please note that the right-hand column of the calendar page includes 'unscheduled destinations' for you to consider

We're unable to make major calendar changes without a commitment from you so . . .

Previous clients: We just need your word in writing once we have confirmed that the inclusion of the trip of your choice is feasible. Please pay the trip deposit - see the online brochure - within 30 days of the inclusion of the trip of your choice.

New clients: We will require a deposit once we have confirmed that the inclusion of the trip of your choice is feasible.

Why we need a deposit: It's a win-win situation as we have found that some site 'watchers' wait until they see some activity before enrolling themselves. For more on this go here.

Please note that without a deposit or written commitment it is unlikely that we will be able to make adjustments to the photo tour calendar.

If the dates of your choice coincide with a scheduled trip that already has enrollments, then it is doubtful we can accommodate your request. However, if trips scheduled for those dates do not show any enrollments for that period, it is possible that we will be able to accommodate your request.

We will make the appropriate changes to the photography tour calendar and do our utmost to fill the trip for you.
If you prefer to travel alone or with a select group of friends see 'By Request' here.

Thank you!

John Baker, Photographer/Guide, Travel Images Photography Tours

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