Photoshop workshop presented by John Baker

  Adobe Photoshop boot camp
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Adobe Photoshop 'Boot Camp'

Includes the use of additional processing software


Our apologies, but our 'Adobe Photoshop Boot Camp' is not currently scheduled

  Our Photoshop Boot Camp can be scheduled in other States on request,
and we can also include a customized photo tour either before or after your photography event

Boot Camp' featuring Adobe Photoshop products and additional processing software


  Seminars run from Friday evening through to Sunday afternoon

  Each session is 50 minutes in duration and starts on the hour with 10 minute breaks in-between, plus a lunch break

  Additional software such as Lightroom, Smart Photo Editor and Google's NIK will also be included

  Photo tours are scheduled at either end of each workshop depending upon the location and time of year


 Workshop Outline
With introductions by Kevin Moss and John Baker


  Session 1


  Session 2


  Session 3


Shooting JPEG or Raw or TIFF
Compression explained
Advantages and disadvantages of each format
Getting images to your computer
Your digital darkroom setup
Photoshop and Elements compared


Photoshop and Elements 'Wow Hour'
Intro to Photoshop
Intro to Elements
Getting an image through Photoshop and Elements w/ demo’s


Understanding Color and Applying Color Management
Understanding Image Sensors and Color
Explaining Color and Tonality
Using a Color Management Workflow
Introducing Color Management
Making Photoshop/Elements Color Settings
Calibrating Your Monitor
Proofing while Editing (Photoshop Only)


  Session 4


  Session 5


  Session 7


Using Workflows To Process Images
The Importance of Step-by-Step Processes
Using an Image Management Workflow (high level description)
Loading Images To Your Computer
Directly from camera
Directly from card readers
Directly from wireless (really!)
Organizing Images: One Image Equals Three
Original image libraries
Working image libraries
Final and output image libraries
Backing Up and Archiving Images
Maintaining working CD/DVD’s
Making a copy for the safety deposit box
External storage for image archives
Organizing Older Images
Collecting images
Naming and dating images
Finding lost treasures
Processing Raw Image Workflow (high level description)
Correcting Images Workflow (high level description)
Editing Images Workflows (high level description)


Image Management with Adobe Bridge
Explaining Bridge
Finding Your Way Around The Image Browser Window
Adobe Bridge menus
Viewing folders and images
Previewing images
Viewing and changing thumbnails
Using Toolbars and palettes


Processing Raw Images
Camera Raw Tools
Camera Raw Menus
Previewing changes
Using the histogram
Showing workflow options
Settings menus
Adjustment tabs
Evaluating Images
Reading the histogram
Image preview
Evaluating RGB readouts
Using Adjust Tab Controls
Adjusting white balance settings
Adjusting exposure
Adjusting brightness
Adjusting contrast
Adjusting saturation
Sharpening Using the Detail Tab Controls
Adjusting sharpness
Luminance smoothing
Color noise reduction
Correcting Lens Shortcomings with the Lens Tab Controls
Correcting chromatic aberration
Adjusting for vignetting
Creative Color Using Calibrate Tab Controls
Saving Your Settings and Subsets
Using the File Browser to Apply Raw Settings
Recapping Your Raw Image Processing Workflow


  Session 6

Working With Metadata
Understanding Metadata
Adding Metadata to Your Images
Understanding the Sidecar File.
Naming and Rating Image Files
Applying Flags and Keywords to Images
Explaining Sorting & File Renaming
Saving Time By Batch Renaming


  Session 8


  Session 9


  Session 10


Creating Layers For Color and Tonal Adjustments
Explaining the Overall Adjustment Workflow
Working with Layers
Creating a Levels Adjustment Layer
Making a Curves Adjustment Layer
Changing Color
Creating a Brightness/Contrast Adjustment Layer
Adjusting Hue/Saturation
Reviewing the Overall Adjustment Workflow


Making Image Edits
Explaining the Image Editing Workflow
Exploring the Photoshop Toolbox:
    Tool By Tool Explained
Paint brushes
Healing brushes
Clone tools
Dodging & burning
Correcting red eye
Blur, Sharpen and Smudge
Making selections
Using filters
Vanishing Point
Creating Layers for Edits
Using Layer Masks to Make Selective Changes
Recapping Your Image Editing Workflow


Output and Printing Workshop
Sizing Images
Resolution explained
Sharpening Images
Printing Images
Letting Photoshop determine colors
Letting your printer determine colors
Reviewing Your Output Image Workflow


  Session 11


  Session 12


  Session 13


The Wonderful World of Photoshop Filters and Add-ons
The 'art' palette
The weird and wonderful
Matching your subject with an 'appropriate' filter


Creating Montages/Composites
Choosing the 'palette'
Image choice
Image transparency
Image feathering
Images in text


Creating Digital Multimedia Presentations
Music choice
Scripts: Writing, editing, narrating
Image transition: Effects and time lapse
Do's and don'ts
Editing software
LCD projectors


  Session 14


  Session 15


To be announced


Creating Photo Websites
Simple or complex?
Domain names
Text: When to create a graphic
Preparing images for fast loading
Image size
Do's and don'ts
No-cost search engine submission


Photoshop and Elements Cool Secrets



The schedule for the inclusion of Lightroom, Smart Photo Editor, Topaz and NIK software will be announced at a later date.



  Session 16

Participant Demo’s, Workshop Question and Answer


  Workshop fees


Cost: $445 USD per person / $775 per couple . . . includes 2 nights of hotel accommodation

Deposit: $100 USD per person to hold your place

Location: Boise, Idaho


What to bring:  As tables will be provided, we recommend the use of a writing pad for notes, and/or your laptop. The latter can be used to follow the 'lessons' step by step, and although we'll proceed at a slow pace, we'll be unable to make more than momentary pauses for those who might need to reboot and suchlike!


Transport: You will be able to use the hotel's courtesy van for airport transfers, plus if you want to get to another part of Boise during free time, we will endeavor to make Travel Images' 10-passenger minibus available to you at no charge.


Included: Two nights hotel accommodation, seminar tuition, plus complimentary snacks, and hot and cold drinks will be provided throughout the seminar, and there will be restaurant facilities either in the hotel, or adjacent.

Not Included: Meals and air fare to and from the seminar location


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